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A Letter To Our Alumni – 5/6/16

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Dear Alumni,

We hope you are all doing well and are excited for the warm weather ahead. We have some new updates regarding the technology aspect of the team.

We don’t know when the last time the website was running, but we have taken the initiative to restore it to modern web standards and get it running again.

Drexel students Nick Piasecki, College of Engineering ’19, and James Lewis, Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design ’18, arrived at Drexel a little over a year ago from The Shipley School. Nick, an avid sailor since a young age, immediately joined the sailing team, where he soon became the equipment manager. The two living together in the beloved Kelly Hall took quick notice to the lack of a Drexel Sailing website. James knew a thing or two about websites already and the two decided to tackle the problem. With that said, here is a message from Nick and James,

Nick and I are proud to introduce this new website for the Drexel Sailing team. Admittedly, it took longer than we would like to admit due to our heavy workload in school, but it is finally here. Our main goal for this website is to introduce ease of communication for the President to the Alumni. Additionally, the website should act as a face to this Club and offer a better means of information delivery to not only the team but also prospective members. Its been carefully constructed for easy browsing, intuitive use, and will continue to be developed and improved as needed.

We both expect this to be a new beginning for Drexel Sailing and are not going to stop with just this website. This sort of change and effort will continue into the management and appearance of our boats, our gear, and social media presence. Nick and I are working on developing a series of entertaining videos that we know will raise the awareness of the club. We are excited about the new changes coming and will be updating you regularly on our progress.

All the best,

Nick Piasecki ’19
James Lewis ’18